Dental Public Health Programs

Department has initiated outreach Dental Public Health Services. Regular outreach activities are being conducted on Mondays & Fridays. Screening & treatment camps have been organized among the marginalized and disadvantaged populations like old age homes, slums, special schools etc. Treatment camps like Pit & Fissure sealant camps, Denture camps & tobacco cessation camps are regularly being organized.                                    

Bhopal School Oral Health Project (BSOHP) – Department has initiated, Bhopal School Oral Health Project (BSOHP) probably the largest oral health program among school children in the country for promoting & targeting oral health among government school children in Bhopal District. A total of approximately 1,50,000 children from all government schools in Bhopal district will be covered. Till date, approximately 20,000 children have been screened & provided with preventive & referral services from over 30 schools in Bhopal District. Under BSOHP oral health education, dental screening, and appropriate referrals are being provided to school children in Bhopal district. Teachers within the school are provided with training & an oral health manual for prevention of oral diseases which includes correct brushing technique, use of fluoridated toothpastes, emergency management for dental trauma & referral services for school children. Teachers provide essential reinforcements on regular basis to school children for the promotion of oral health.