Aims & Objectives

1. Training & capacity building of dental workforce in MP
2. Creating an oral health workforce through training of non dental educators (teachers/field workers/counselors etc)
3. Oral Health Survey in Madhya Pradesh: To conduct oral health survey once every ten years for all the districts in Madhya Pradesh.    The critical baseline data will enable in effective planning and management of Public Oral Health Services/ Public Dental Services in    Madhya Pradesh
4. Establishment of Oral Health Data Bank: To present readily available & up to date information on dental diseases like dental caries,    periodontal disease, dental fluorosis, malocclusion, oral cancer & oral health services for all 51 districts of Madhya Pradesh.
   Madhya Pradesh will become the first state in the country to have an established Oral Health Data Bank analogous to that of World    Health Organization
5. To prevent & reduce burden of oral diseases through oral health promotion in Madhya Pradesh

The information obtained through oral health surveys & database/ information system may be useful for:
          - Epidemiological surveillance
          - Service coverage of the population
          - Service records and reporting
          - Administration and resource management
          - Quality of care provided
          - Oral health programme monitoring and outcome evaluation